Dr Jim Doran

Monroe County School Board

Hiring and Retaining the Best Teachers

Jane Smith Used Online Candidate for her Campaign Website CMSI have have had the pleasure and the pressure of hiring hundreds of teachers over my career in education.  As in any profession, finding the best is not always an easy task.  However, I found that having the best teachers made all other issues, inherent in running a school or school system, much, much easier to deal with successfully. 

Hiring and retaining the highest quality teachers has always been a challenge in Monroe County due to the relatively high cost of living and its unique island lifestyle.  Many teachers are drawn to this tropical paradise, but often find the financial challenges more than they can handle. Unfortunately, the damage to homes and rental properties caused by hurricane Irma has exacerbated the situation.  I am committed to working with school board members, the superintendent, teachers and administrators to find and retain the best teachers for our children.  The students deserve no less.


Too  Much TrafficFor any school system to receive the necessary support and enthusiasm of the public it serves it must have the trust of the people that their hard earned dollars are being spent wisely.  My background as an American/International school head and as director of the Stetson University Center in Celebration, FL has given me a strong sense of monetary management in educational settings. 

Budget allocations are some of the most difficult discussions and all voices must be heard and honored.  Only through the cooperation and trust of our parents, teachers, support personnel, businessmen, and fellow islanders will our Keys students recieve the best education possible.

Programs and Curriculum

JaneEducation and schools have changed drastically in the past 50 years, but children are still the same.  I read many messages, especially when referring to school shooters asking, “what’s wrong with our children today?”. I have worked with children and young people my whole life and I can attest that children are the same as they have always been. They are vulnerable, impressionable, and changeable. We adults create the conditions in which our children grow up. 

We must give children and young people the opportunity to learn about life but we must also be there to guide them.  Too often we let forces beyond our control influence our young people in ways that can harm them.  We must find ways to embrace technology and social media in a manner that fosters wholesome growth and learning.   That means that along with strong knowledge and skills in science, technology, math, and literature, they must be given the opportunity to develop a strong body, a love of nature and an appreciation for the arts.  Unfortunately we are now testing in schools what is easiest to test and calling the scores a measurement of the success of our schools and our teachers. 

There is so much more to education and if we are to secure our democracy we must make sure those whole child opportunities exist, that they are valued, and that they are funded. 

"We must measure what matters and put our children’s needs at the center of the educational system once again." 

The capability to question, acquiring a strength of character, developing a sound moral compass, the ability to have an intelligent and thoughtful discourse, adaptability and resilience along with kindness and respect for others are much more important than scores on a high stakes test.”

Welfare and Safety of Our Children.

Before we can teach them, we must provide a safe, secure, and calm environment. Although my passion for helping children learn began early in my adult life and continues to be my motivation for seeking election to the Monroe County School Board, I have had to face the realities of securing schools from attack while leading American style international schools around the world. The security of our children is foremost in all our thoughts and is of course our number one priority. I offer the experience I gained from working with the security teams from the US State Department to the present school board and I will bring that knowledge with me to the position if elected.

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